Generator/Battery Packs - Profoto BatPac


·         Constructed for Profoto D1, ComPact and Acute2 flash equipment

·         High capacity: Between 600 and more than 10.000 flashes with one D1 500

·         High power: Can be used with up to 4x D1 1000 or 1x Acute2 2400

·         Rugged and durable sealed Pb battery 12V/17Ah (exchangeable)

·         Short recycling times: 1.6-0.3s with one D1 500

·         Two standard power outlets (US 120V and CE 230V versions available)

·         Suitable for electrical devices with max. 600W power consumption, drives a 100W halogen lamp for up to 45 minutes

·         Multi-voltage charger with international adapters included

·         Size 25x26x35cm, weight 11.2kg – including battery and bag

Rental Package:

·         Power Chords

·         Charger

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