Lighting - ARRI 1.2 KW HMI


ARRISUN HMI PARs are the workhorses of location lighting whenever punch or bounce light is required on set. The precise interaction of lamp, reflector and converter (spread) lens was designed with computer simulation for ultimate performance. A wide range of converter (spread) lenses ensures maximum beam control in all situations.

Weight27.2 lbs. (12.3 kg)

ReflectorHigh purity aluminum parabolic

LampholderG38 High Voltage

Mounting1 1/8" (29 mm) stand mount

Rental Package:

  • Power Chord
  • Tungsten Light
  • Barn Doors

Note: Stands not included.

Reminder: These are high wattage continuous lights. They get very hot. Please allow time for them to cool down before packing them away.

Hire Video lights and accessories in Dubai at Light House Studio. Tungsten ,LED or HMI. We have brands such as Dedo, ARRI, Kinoflo, Profoto, Filmgear in UAE.

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