Lighting - Profoto Continous Light - Pro Tungsten Air

ProTungsten Air is a continuous light source, which is dedicated to work with most existing lines of Profoto’s Light Shaping Tools.

ProTungsten units use 1000W halogen lamps and are equipped with a state of the art cooling system, which is designed to minimize noises.

In addition, the unit has a built-in “Air” radio remote capability, which gives the user to activate or deactivate and dim from 100watts up to 1000watts of the light at the palm of their hands.

- Profoto offers by far the widest range of Light Shaping tools. Now we make this available for also for HDSLR users and videographers.
- Silent operation even with active cooling
- Integrated radio remote control (output & on/off)
- Light and robust, only 2.7 kg
- Simply the Most advanced halogen lamp on the market
- Approximately 300h compared to e.g. GX 6.35/1000W that only has approximately 100h
- Designed for Photographers
- Continuous

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